Our passion for sustainable farming is what drives us to improve our herd, services, impact on the land, and most importantly, the customers and consumers that we cater for. 

Our property, Delamira,  is located in the Traprock region between Warwick and Inglewood in South East Queensland.

The region is well suited to sheep and goats. Our rainfall is around 650mm annually with a mixture of native grasses and shrub/bush browse, available to our goats.

We have invested in dog proof fencing, good water, and a fine-tuned browsing platform on which we rotate them on, delivering us happy and high performing animals. Our goats have access to liquid minerals at all times to ensure a healthy diet throughout the season to achieve maximum quality and ensure welfare. 

Our key drivers as a business for production are to supply quality genetics domestically and internationally, to educate and facilitate producers on goat management practises in order to be competitive and profitable and to improve the perception of goat products for use and consumption in the domestic market.  

Using reputable Bloodlines have given us a stable platform from which we have bred quality animals.

Kids during the 2019 drought

We produce bucks for commercial goat farmers assisting them in improving their genetics. Our goats are hardened, fertile, and adapted to the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.

Sunset Hill Boer Goats