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Our Story

Our passion has been to use data, genetics, relationships and sustainable management practices, to develop a resilient breed of goats for the Australian goat industry.  Our operation involves breeding high quality lines of Boer Goats and other unique breeds to develop hardy and purpose driven composite commercial and cross bred animals, which serve to create huge production trait gains for meat goat producers around Australia, backed by real data! Our focus goes beyond just increase in Kg's but other fertility and reproductive traits which serve to provide more long-term growth and efficient goat enterprises!

Built on passion and experience

Our Herd

Premium genetics, the basis of profitability and sustainability 

We have developed our herd over 14 years of breeding history. Our bloodlines have been harvested from some of the top genetics around the world, with a twist. What we breed now, is the accumulation of experience and research to create animals built for purpose in the Australian climate.  

Consultation and Services

Our obligation is to serve the goat community

Through various scholarships, academic studies, research, and practical experience in the industry, we feel it is our obligation to provide farmers with all the know-how to succeed in farming. We offer our services from worm testing and pregnancy scanning to on-farm consultation, to help you achieve the most success and longevity in your production system. 

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